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Conservative Party of Canada Nomination Candidate, Kanata-Carleton

ann-boysAs a parent, a taxpayer and a proud Canadian, I believe in supporting families, keeping our economy strong and making our streets and communities safer for our children and our grandchildren.

I have lived for the past 10 years in the communities of Richmond and Kanata. Now more than ever, I believe residents in this community want to be represented by someone who is accessible, accountable and will strive to be an effective voice for them. People here want to have as their federal representative, someone with similar values to their own, and who will bring the views of their constituents to Parliament Hill.

I was raised by two loving parents – a stay-at-home mother and a hard-working father who fled a communist regime. My parents instilled in me a strong work ethic, traditional family values, a firm belief in individual responsibility and the importance of service to the community. This set of principles and the future of my two wonderful boys are what motivate my decision to seek the Conservative nomination for Kanata-Carleton.


I have had the pleasure and privilege of working at the heart of our democracy for almost 14 years here in Ottawa. I have served in senior roles for our Government under the leadership of Prime Minister Harper. Over the course of my political career I have held a number of senior positions with various Ministers – Environment, Justice, National Revenue, Fisheries and Oceans and Human Resources and Skills Development. I currently serve as the Chief of Staff to the Minister of State for Multiculturalism.

Prior to working on Parliament Hill, I worked in the Public Service for the National Research Council and the Department of National Defence here in Ottawa.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science (University of Winnipeg), a diploma in Creative Communications (Red River College) and completed 1 year of the Masters of Public Administration Program (University of Winnipeg).


I know, first-hand, just how hard our Conservative Government has worked to provide greater support to families and to keep communities like ours safe. At the same time, we’ve been creating jobs, economic growth and fostering long-term prosperity in Canada, making our country the envy of the world.

Our Conservative Government has also been successful in keeping its promises. I believe if Justin Trudeau or Thomas Mulcair were given the chance to keep their promises, it would mean higher taxes and debt to fund wasteful and out-of-control spending. I want to make sure this does not happen to our country or to our community. Canada is better off under the continued strong, steady leadership of Prime Minister Harper and our Conservative Government.

Our community needs a strong, experienced voice that represents the issues that matter to you and your family. It would be my honour to be that strong voice in Parliament for the constituents of Kanata-Carleton.

With your help, I hope to be able to work hard for families in Kanata-Carleton. Thank you for your support.


Ann and Vern White

Senator Vernon White

“Ann is committed to public service and her focus on safe communities is what I believe residents in this community want in a federal representative. She will be a strong voice for Kanata-Carleton.”

Wayne Beaten
President of the Carleton EDA and Former Director of the Carleton Mississippi Mills EDA

“I strongly recommend Ann for nomination as the Carleton Kanata EDA candidate.  I have worked on numerous election campaigns – some with winning candidates and some without winning candidates. 

It is better to win.

Ann has the attributes required to be a winner: integrity, honesty and determination.  I know and trust Ann; she will make a truly great candidate.”

Ann with Allan Hubley

Councillor Allan Hubley
Kanata South – Ward 23

 “I am pleased to support Ann’s candidacy to become our next Member of Parliament for Kanata-Carleton.”


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